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Website hosting

You will find a secure website hosting encrypted with SSL and the best software to prevent brute force attacks.

Audio stream

A sound stream service that can broadcast to thousands of listeners with top quality sound (320 Kbps).


Have your important files available anytime and anywhere.

Website creation

If u need a professional or family website we got the answer for you.

Game server hosting

We can host any gameserver in the market.

Previous work

Hosting Services

Arts site

Tourism and Leisure

Game server

Self Promotion

Professional Representation

Tourism and Leisure

Music Band Representation

Have a Project on mind?

If you have a project in mind don't hesitate to contact and I'll see what I can do for you.

Focus on the bigger picture of performance

Ubuntu servers besides having the best security and constant backups also have a great performance especially when you equip your server with high quality components like I did.